Bordslopare Svensk Flagga 2

Table runner with the Swedish flag


Put some swedish tradition on the table – 35 x 150 cm

in stock


The cottage is one of Sweden’s most popular hobby. These little houses, often located in the forest far away from civilization, are the expression of the longing for a simple life, for the good old times.
No phone, no electricity, no running water – but finally enough time for yourself. The cottage is often equipped with simple things and the style is mostly quite traditional.
This runner with a printed Swedish flags could come straight from a Swedish cottage. Use it instead for a tablecloth along the table or use a pair of it
across the table – these kinds of runners are useful all around and bring some of the Swedish coziness straight into your home.
Made of 100% cotton and can be washed in the machine at 30°C.
Iron lukewarm. Can shrink a little – a proof that the fabric is made of 100% natural material.

Weight: 200 g

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