Gaesttvaal Dalahaest

Small fine guest soaps Dalahorses


Small fine guest soaps in the form of Dala horses are supplied in packs of five pieces of cellophane bags with descriptive label.

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From the beginning täljdes these horses as toys for the children on the farms around Dalarna. When carpentry work began to carve horses of waste wood in his spare time so started this success story. Peddlers began to bring these elaborate crafts and success was a fact. Now Dalahästen a symbol not only of Dalarna but the whole of Sweden. Not many tourists go home without at least one! The decor is called ripping.
Halter and harness usually painted with patterns in white and blue. In addition in red before it will now also in all possible primers. Some basic colors during the 1900s the first half were English red or red lead that would imitate the brown horse, and white / light gray with touches of blue on including the legs and the spots on the body which sought to emulate the apelkastade skimmeln.

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