Samearmband Jokkmokk Sv Fram 2

Sami bracelet “Jokkmokk”


Handmade bracelet in reindeerleather


The people of the sun and the wind – that’s what the Sami, the original inhabitants of the north, are calling themselves. Their more than 2000 year old culture, their belief
and their songs find an expression in their fantastic, ancient craftsmanship. A sami bracelet is full of history and personality.
Tradition and techniques are passed from generation to generation and this way magnificent pieces are getting manufactured that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
The sami bracelets with braidwork are an ancient handicraft. All of the bracelets offered here are handmade in northern Sweden, not far from Jokkmokk in
the middle of Lappland, where ten thousands of reindeer leave their marks in the snow.
The buttons are made of reindeer horn and carved by hand – no button is equal to the other. They can slightly differ in size, appearance and color.
All thread used is made of tin alloy with 6% silver.
We recommend not wear your bracelet with heavy metal bracelets to protect the fine thread. Please take off your bracelet before showering and while doing sports to keep it in good shape for many years.
Please measure your wrist and add 1 cm for the correct length.
We can deliver bracelets in many different colors, widths and braids. Personal orders will take approximately 2 – 4 weeks.
Please contact us at for more information.
Weight: 6 g
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