Vaga Bla 2

Runner “Våga” blue

Beautiful runner in 100% real swedish linen. 50 x 150 cm


In Hälsingland, not far from the coast of the bothnian sea, grows some flax that has no equals. The good soil and the steady climate grow fibers that are spun into finest Swedish linen.
In Växbo, a tiny place in the middle of nowhere this magnificent material is getting woven into wonderful fabrics on old, classic looms. 100% real
Swedish linen – every piece an original that can be left from generation to generation.
The runner ”Våga” is made from a material that is just magnificent. It feels rough and smooth at the same time and the best thing is: you don’t have to iron it.
The Swedish textile designer Ingela Berntsson was tired of ironing her tablecloth and was looking for a way to weave the the fabric in a way that dries even and won’t get wrinkles.
The fabric reminds of good old times and grandmas endowment. The simple stripes give you a feeling of the Swedish summer on the countryside.
Size: 50 x 150 cm
Please notice that this is a 100% natural material that will shrink a little in the laundry.
This is quite normal and a proves the authenticity of the fabric.
Care instructions: Linen should be washed separately the first time. Steep in finger-warm warm 30 minutes before washing in the machine.
Wash at 60°C (140° F) and avoid detergent that contains bleach.
Do not spin. Tear into form when wet.
Never dry linen in the tumbler!

Weight: 350 g
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