Lovikkavantar Vit 2

Lovikka-gloves off-white


No more freezing hands!


Up north where temperatures fall way below 0 in winter, you have to protect yourself well against the cold. A pair of Lovikka-gloves are the perfect choice.
They come originally from the village Lovikka in northern Sweden and are a true Swedish classic, worn by old and young.
In a pair of Lovikka-gloves your hands will be as warm and comfortable as in a Finnish sauna. They are crafted in a special
technique: the wool gets washed and combed after knitting so the fibers are felted into a warm, isolating layer.
The typical embroider pattern at the wrist is not only nice but also has a practical function: it keeps the snow
from getting into the glove. The little cord is made to hang up the gloves for drying.
Material: 100% wool.
Care instructions: hand wash with luke warm water. Use a mild detergent or hair shampoo.
Dry slowly at a warm place. Ladies size, one fits all.
Size guide: One size fits all.
Weight: 120 g

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