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Kitchen Mitt, Sailboat and blue checkered


Kitchen Mitt, Sailboat and blue checkered

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Grilling is very popular early in the season. As soon as a little sun rays shows up from behind the clouds, the grills are taken out of the basements and tasty Scandinavian specialties are grilled over the open coals.
Why not grill fish instead of meat sometimes? A really tasty Swedish recipe is this one:
Take fish filet (e.g. cod) salt and pepper them on both sides.
Add a crushed garlic clove on each side.
Put a lemon slice and a stalk of dill.
Roll into aluminum foil and cook over the fire for about 20 minutes.
Great tasting – enjoy your meal!
This nice grilling mitt provides the true Swedish feeling when grilling or in the kitchen. It is made of cotton with a polyester filling and can be machine washed.
It is decorated with a blue sail boat and blue checkered pattern. 

Weight: 70g

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