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Handknitted scarf Linda


Hand knitted triangle scarf. Swedish design. 110 x 90 cm.


Beautiful hand knitted triangle scarf – a Swedish design classic that never gets out of fashion. Theses knitted scarfs are worn by young and old and can be used all year round:
as a warming shawl in winter, as headscarf when the wind blows hard at the coast, during a midsummer night when it gets chilly or even to sit on when you are outside in the woods.
Almost every swedish woman owns such a scarf – it is a part of Swedish lifestyle  just as wild strawberries and midnight-sun.
Swedish fashion is known for it’s simplicity and these scarfs are modern classics that fit pretty much every trend. Swedish design as it’s best.
Theses scarfs are hand knitted by my mother-in-law, Lena, with love and patience. Every piece is individual but they have
something in common: they are made with love and passion. Made of Swedish wool in Sweden by a Swede!
Size: ca. 110 cm on the long  side, ca. 90 on the short sides. Sizes can vary.
Material: mohair/wool/acrylic
Weight: 200 g
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