Orhangen Dalaha 2

Ear rings – “Dalahäst”


Fantastic ear rings with original dalahorses. 2 cm.

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In the old times, when the old gods still where around, the horse was a holy symbol. In the vikings belief a horse pulled the sun over the sky and was indispensable for life on earth.
The horse kept its symbolism through the centuries and in the Swedish province Dalarna (therefore the name „Dalahorse“) it got a special relevance: it became a symbol fort he old religion and for the resistance against the christian church.
During the long cold winter evenings the family gathered around the warm oven and the men carved little horses for the children. In the 17th century the
so called kurbits-painting („pumpkin-pattern“) became popular: soft arches and flowers that found their way from boxes, cupboards and clocks to the tiny wooden horses.
With the floweriness patterns and an orange-red base-color the dalahorse made it’s way all over the world. Though it is available in a huge range of base-colors nowadays, the orange-red horse is the original.
This cute little miniature dalahorse-earrings are made of wood and are hand painted.
 Every dalahorse is an original and absolutely unique.
They can slightly differ in colour and pattern which is a proof for the genuineness of your dalahorse. 2 cm high.
The hook is made of silver.
Weight: 4 g
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