Kakburk Rod 2

Cookie Tin-White and red. Holds 7 kinds of cookies.


Make some cookie monster happy with this cute cookie jar in metal
– 22,5 x 15,5 x 22, 5 cm

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  In Sweden, the cookie tin has a long tradition.
”Fika” is a little break, taken several times throughout the day for relaxation and a good conversation. People drink a cup of strong Swedish coffee, talk about irrelevances
and enjoy some cookies or bakery. In the good old times the housewife – as demanded by etiquette – served seven different kinds of cookies with the coffee. This habit comes from the late
19th century when wheat was rarely grown in Sweden and the ingredients for cookies like white flour and sugar were almost unavailable  for average people – and an expression of wealth. 
Bakers in Stockholm kept on developing their baking and the cookies slowly made their way into the private living rooms. The high society ladies started to compete in the discipline
”who bakes the best cookies” and when serving seven kinds of cookies, the competition reached its climax. 
Ever since the tradition of serving ”seven kinds of cookies” it is an expression of thank you to the guest  and a demonstration of the hosts baking skills. 
This beautiful and practical cookie jar in metal is perfect to keep Swedish or other cookies. Nice for decoration, too.  
Size: 22,5 x 15,5 x 22,5cm
Weight: 985 g
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