Mat Pa Svenska 2

Cookbook “Mat på svenska”


Fantastic cookbook for those who love the swedish cuisine.

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The swedish kitchen is getting very popular right now. That’s why Caroline Hofberg’s cookbook with both traditional and modern swedish dishes is just right in time. With the genuine tastes and ingredients she creates her own very personal variation of the swedish kitchen.

Who doesn’t love grandmas meatballs, egg and potatoe-sallad or an easy-made chocolatecrumblepie? All this you can find in Caroline Hofbergs cook book with simple, beautiful and easy-to-cook food.

“Mat på svenska” is divided into small dishes, fish and seafood, meat and poultry, pies and deserts, bakery and pickles.

Choose between dishes like omelettcake with smoked meat, applepancakes with lingonberry cream, potatoesallad with asparagus, chanterelle roles with västerbottencheese, creamy salmon and pastasallad, pizza with salmon and dill-oil, juniper-burgers with lingonberry-coleslaw, lingonberry-cheesecake and much, much more.

Prima Förlag, hardcover.
Language: swedish

ISBN: 978-91-5148-8

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