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Coffeebreak with friends (Kopia) (Kopia)


Delicate recipes for some quality time with friends

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In Sweden, the ”fika” is a cultural phenomenon. It is a short coffeebreak, that people take a couple of times every day. Just sit together with friends, colleagues or the family. It is about taking a little ”time off”, take your time and have a chat. The most important thing is to take a cup of strong swedish coffee and to eat some good swedish pastry. A moment of peace in hectic times that is an important piece of the swedish culture.

With the book ”Fika för vänner” the designer Linn Larsson wrote a wonderful little book, that combines new with traditional recipes for fika. The classical swedish spices like saffron and cardamom can be found of course but the emphasis are simplicity and time saving: ”You should spend time with your friends and not stand in the kitchen forever.” These mouthwatering recipes are not only for swedes but everyone who digs the swedish cuisine and culture.

Prisma Förlag 2008, 92 pages, hardcover

Language: swedish

ISBN: 978-91-518-5056-6

Weight: 415 g

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