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Handmande soap “dalahors” (Kopia)


Smells real fresh air from Dalarna, pine forests and fresh citrus, lovely fresh scent that just grows and grows. Top notes of heliotrope and spring water and juniper and bass are vetivert and sandalwood.

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Making an ÄGGCØDDLER is easy. First, you butter the inside of the cup to add flavour to the egg and the other ingredients you’re about to add. Plus, it makes cleanup much easier! Next, you break an uncooked egg into the cup. Then comes the part where you let your culinary creativity take flight and what makes the ÄGGCØDDLER unique: You can add all sorts of spices, herbs, cheese, vegetables, meat – whatever you want. You can keep it simple or experiment with new flavour combinations. Then you secure the lid with the elastic ribbon and partially immerse the ÄGGCØDDLER in boiling water for a few minutes – how long depends on how firm you like your eggs. When the timer goes off, you carefully lift the porcelain from the water, remove the lid, and prepare yourself for a mouthwatering, scrumptious, eggy delight that might just be too amazing for words.